Prayer After Holy Communion for the Conversion of Sinners

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In 1859, the Queen of Heaven instructed Adele Brise to offer her Holy Communion for this intention.  To this end, Fr. Edward wished to assist people in doing so, and has penned a “A Prayer After Holy Communion for the Conversion of Sinners.”

The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help prays this prayer at the end of Mass to actualize the request of Mary.  Will you consider joining the Queen of Heaven who prays for the conversion of sinner, by doing as she requested.

Get your holy card from, the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Cathedral Book and Gifts (Green Bay, WI) or the Marian Center International (Milwaukee, WI) OR receive a complimentary card when you order a copy of Fr. Edward’s “A Novena to the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Good Help.”


  1. 10-21-2015

    Thanks You for making time to Speak on Oct.19,2015 at St. Paul’s Growth Seminar Sponsored by Cross & Crown Prayer Group. When you were speaking of your new book on praying the Rosary, You said one older tradition was to add a phrase that was connected to Jesus at the end of each Hail Mary in accordance with that mystery. Like wise at the end of three Hail Mary’s for Faith, Hope,and Charity.For example, at the end of first Hail Mary you continue with Jesus pray for greater faith so as to Share that Gift! Jesus we pray for gift of Hope to be that light of Hope to Others. Jesus we Pray for Charity to share it with Others. Just as in the Parable of talents the gifts are not meant to be buried but to be shared so they multiply.

    Sharing Food for thought,
    Tim O’Brien

  2. 10-10-2016

    Thank you for the great discussion about Adele Brise today (Oct. 10, 2016) on the Drew Mariani show. I have your book, The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, a Self-Guided Tour, and it is loaded with good information. I must revisit the Shrine, hopefully in the summer of 2017. You spoke about the prayer after Holy Communion to pray for the conversion of sinners. Would you be able to send that to me electronically? I would love to have it, and you could save a stamp! Thank you, Carol Ramacci

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