Breakfast in Bethlehem

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Breakfast in Bethlehem is Edward Looney’s latest children’s book available from Tau  Publishing.  In 2012, Tau Publishing published Edward’s first chidlren’s book, The Story of Sister Adele, which told the story of Our Lady’s 1859 apparition to Adele Brise in Champion, Wisconsin.  Both books were illustrated by Jeff West.

Breakfast in Bethlehem tells the story of a young boy who journeys to Bethlehem and sees the events of Christmas as they unfold.  With the help of his grandfather, the boy begins to understand the events he witnessed and their connection to the Eucharist.

Several months after finishing and sending the manuscript to the publisher, Edward learned of a similar experience of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, one of Edward’s favorite saints.  While Breakfast in Bethlehem bears some similarities to that of St. Bernard, the story was not inspired by it.  

Breakfast in Bethlehem would make an excellent Christmas gift for a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbor, or friend who is preparing for their First Holy Communion.

Breakfast in Bethlehem can be ordered online through Edward’s online store or wherever Catholic books are sold.  Ask your local Catholic book store to carry Breakfast in Bethlehem and Edward’s many other books as well.

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  1. 11-4-2013

    You sent us a copy of Breakfast in Bethleham How Do we get more copies and see what else you have.
    Thank You
    Staff Ave Maria Grotto

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