Fr. Edward Looney has released his latest Marian devotional book–
A Rosary Litany: Renewing a Pious Custom.  

A Rosary Litany reintroduces the Christian faithful to a pious custom of praying the rosary, promoted by St. Louis de Montfot, and recommended by Bl. Paul VI and St. John Paul II.  Fr. Looney recommends several phrases which could be inserted into the Hail Mary after the names of Jesus or Mary.  Inserting these phrases guides and focuses one’s meditation on the rosary mystery and when prayed in succession, the rosary becomes litany-like.

The book has received high profile endorsements from popular Catholic personalities, including Bishop Robert Barron, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, and Fr. Larry Richards.

Here is what Bishop Barron had to say about A Rosary Litany:

“Fr. Edward Looney was a student of mine at Mundelein Seminary.  I have long recognized his intelligence, his prayerfulness, and his great love for the Mother of God.  All of these qualities are on abundant display in this moving devotional, which can only help to deepen your spiritual life and your relationship to Mary.”
–Bishop Robert Barron

Visit the website for A Rosary Litany at arosarylitany.com.  To order the book visit the store page of this website or visit edwardlooneybooks.com to be directed to Fr. Edward’s Square Store.  To view the Youtube promotional video, visit: https://youtu.be/LDdqgZYjt04




  1. 12-5-2016

    I would like to have several copies of the Rosary LItany. Where can I order these books?

    Thank you


    • 1-1-2017

      I just sent you an email. Sorry I didn’t receive this notice earlier.

      –Fr. Edward

  2. 3-9-2017

    I went to order a couple of copies of the book. Sounds like a great way to pray the rosary! But when I went to check out – only PayPal was available. I couldn’t check out with my VISA. I do not want to check out with PayPal. I have used that in the past and do not like it. So, if I can only use PayPal, I will need to order through the mail??? or, from a different source, (such as Amazon) or other. Thank you.

  3. 3-22-2017

    Hello, I am starting my 3rd year formation to be a secular Carmelite. I recently ordered your book and love it and want to share. Do you have special pricing for 6 copies?

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